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Boston in fall. Will anyone visit? Photo: Sebastian Grace

The US reopens borders to fully vaccinated, impacts for Boston

Sebastian Grace December 5, 2021

President Biden reopened U.S. borders to fully vaccinated international travelers on Nov. 8, bringing an end to the months of restrictions that grounded tourists, disrupted businesses, and separated families. Under...

Travel and COVID-19 Survey

Travel and COVID-19 Survey

Sebastian Grace December 2, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted international travel. In November, the number of people flying remained considerably lower worldwide than the pre-pandemic norm. But is the pandemic...

The heart of the African area, Yuexiu District in Guangzhou. Photo by Anna Frodesiak/Wikimedia Commons

Africans targeted amid China’s draconian ‘zero-Covid’ mission

Lausky Liu November 16, 2021

China has been indulging in its “zero-Covid” mission since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, leading towns and cities to abrupt lockdowns despite scarce numbers of positive cases. Africans...

Featured photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

Best advice: Internationals talk job hunting

Yuqin Liu and Kelly Garrity May 25, 2021

Getting a full-time job last spring was no easy feat for 2020 graduates. The United States lost 22.3 million jobs in the first two months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although economies across the country...

Germany Dialogue

Will Dialogues happen this year? These professors are preparing

Kelly Garrity March 30, 2021

After last year’s programs were moved online or cancelled all together, Northeastern professors are hopeful that the Northeastern University’s Dialogue of Civilizations programs -- programs that allow...

The pandemic-era job search has been going for university students and recent college graduates

Job Searching in a Pandemic? Take this Survey

Yuqin Liu and Kelly Garrity March 19, 2021

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last year devastated economies across the world. In the U.S., the economy contracted at its steepest rate since World War II, Reuters reported. For 2020 college graduates...

Soccer team for immigrant kids struggles to keep them engaged

Soccer team for immigrant kids struggles to keep them engaged

Vitoria Poejo March 11, 2021

For Yajaira Flores, the soccer field was her sanctuary. When Flores immigrated from El Salvador to East Boston at 14 years old, she had to balance her academics while learning a new language and culture....

Featured image from the JSU Northeasterns Facebook. JSUs mission is to create a an inclusive and cohesive Jewish community at Northeastern.

An Umbrella for Students at Northeastern

Katrina Makayan January 22, 2021

It’s hard for clubs to have a unified student community when so many are not at school because of the coronavirus and, even if they are at school, they must practice social distancing. Cultural clubs...

Boston Logan International Airport. 
For some international students, the risk of contracting coronavirus, as well international travel restrictions kept them in the U.S. this winter break.

To Stay or to Go?

Kelly Garrity January 21, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic made international travel more difficult this year, complicating winter break plans for international students in the U.S. whose homes are often more than 10 hours of flight time...

As fears of coronavirus dim, night-life is getting back to normal in Chinas cities and towns.

[Picture Story] Nightlife getting back to normal in China

Yuqin Liu December 1, 2020

As fears of the coronavirus fade, the routines of normal life are returning to cities and towns in China -- not just in the big cities, like Beijing and Shanghai, but the smaller places too. Take...

People have dinner in a hot pot restaurant as usual in China Featured Photo by Yunjia Hou
Oct.7,2020. Photo credit: Yunjia Hou

Analysis: How did China eliminate COVID-19 so quickly?

Yunjia Hou December 1, 2020

Life in China has returned to normal. But it took measures by a strong central government that probably would not work in many democratic countries, where politicians must be careful not to offend voters...

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