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A mosque during Ramadan.

[Podcast] Abroad in America: How a Muslim family celebrates Ramadan during the pandemic

Suhra Nahib May 6, 2020

Ramadan is the month when Muslims across the world fast from sunrise till sundown. It’s typically a month of prayer, reflection and community where where families gather to pray at the mosques, to...

Trees in Wuhan.

Reopening Wuhan: Life after 76 days of lockdown

Yushu Tian May 2, 2020

After 76 days of lockdown, the city of Wuhan reopened on April 8. The Chinese government announced that there had been no new cases in the six days leading up to April 28. The city, which used to be...

The group of girls in Brazil.

Brazil’s young female entrepreneurs step up to create jobs

Luiza Loyo April 30, 2020

Brazil has a high rate of unemployment and few job opportunities. But a new generation of young, female entrepreneurs and artists in the country are taking their future into their own hands by creating...

The India Gate without pollution.

The positive effect of a global lockdown on nature

Sharmila Kuthunur April 20, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has no doubt brought about tremendous human sufferings around the world. Hospitals are overloaded with patients while the global economy is shrinking. But we have also seen pollution...

A quarantine stamp in India.

India: Coronavirus strengthens state surveillance; I saw it firsthand

Pavithra Rajesh April 17, 2020

Let me start out by saying that I’m not naïve. I’m painfully aware of how dangerous our circumstances are right now, and especially when dealing with a disease as contagious and as deadly as COVID-19,...

A Vietnamese meal.

[Podcast] Abroad in America: Stay or leave? Plus quarantine life in Vietnam

Suhra Nahib April 13, 2020

Welcome back to Abroad in America. This week podcast’s contributor is editor Ha Ta who wrote an article about the difficult decision many international students have to make of whether to stay or leave...

Other activities besides Netflix.

Things to do during quarantine besides Netflix

Avantika Panda April 10, 2020

The global pandemic Covid-19 has taken over our lives in the past several weeks. Suddenly, everyone’s fast-paced life has come to an unexpected halt, anxieties and boredom are high. People are...

A quarantine location in Vietnam.

Vietnamese students abroad find refuge at home amid coronavirus outbreak

Ha Ta April 4, 2020

As universities around the world move classes online and send out advisories for students to leave campuses, international students are faced with the tough decision of whether to stay in their host...

Stay sane during quarantine with tea.

How to stay sane during self isolation

Sharmila Kuthunur April 4, 2020

Tips for making the long days more cheerful and less lonely during the pandemic A month ago, my daily routine was simple: I attended classes at Northeastern University during the day, came home...


TikTok: Finding the social in social distancing

Beatriz Guerrero April 1, 2020

As the number of cases of  COVID-19 has increased dramatically in the U.S. in the past few weeks, many people have followed suit with the CDC’s suggestion of self-quarantining for at least two weeks....

Political unrest in Brazil.

[Video] Coronavirus brings political unrest and educational challenges to Brazil

Luiza Loyo March 21, 2020

As the number of coronavirus cases rises in Brazil, many citizens have protested against President Jair Bolsonaro, saying he has ignored the seriousness of the crisis.  On Wednesday, March 18,...

Northeastern students talk about the coronavirus pandemic.

[Video] Northeastern students discuss coronavirus before major outbreak in the US

Huilin Li March 19, 2020

The world has been hit hard by the coronavirus. What's surprising is how fast it has all happened. The United States has gone from a handful of cases to a shutdown in a few weeks. The Global Observer...

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