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As of Feb. 2022, not all the street signs in Chinatown have a Chinese translation. Currently, only main streets have bilingual signs, with branch streets expected to see signs appear by summer. Photo: Jiawen Xu
Signs of moving forward: After decades of advocacy, bilingual street signs emerge in Chinatown
Jiawen Xu and Xinyun (Jessie) Wang February 22, 2022

The construction of bilingual street signs in Boston’s Chinatown is a heartwarming story; it is the result of many years of efforts by the...

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A hungry lion takes the cabbage and oranges from the stool. Ceremoniously, restauranteurs and shopkeepers leave offerings on their front stoops during the lion dance parade. Photo: Sophia Paffenroth
Lunar New Year celebrations return to Boston’s Chinatown
Lex Weaver and Xiaoxi Ma February 14, 2022

Two years since the last public Lunar New Year celebration was held throughout Chinatown, festivities once again returned to the neighborhood,...

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Thessaloniki boardwalk during sunset. Photo: Isabella Heilbronn
Eat, Pray, Love… without praying or loving.
Isabella Heilbronn February 9, 2022

Most college freshmen share the common experience of getting dropped off at their university, getting accustomed to the school and the new atmosphere,...

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