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A Boston landscape.

Mass. announces travel rules, 14 day quarantine mandatory for travelers from ‘higher-risk’ states

Mihiro Shimano July 25, 2020

On July 24, Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker published new travel guidelines for people entering the state, whether through domestic or international travel. These new rules, which will be effective...

International flags represent diversity in the U.S.

DHS revokes rule that prevented international students from taking only online classes

Pavithra Rajesh July 15, 2020

This story will be updated periodically. Last updated: July 15 On July 14, the Department of Homeland Security reversed the previous announcement from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement...

A passport.

Work permits for int’l students are under threat, here’s why it’s important

Yuriko Schumacher July 14, 2020

Chinese native Layuan Li started working this month as a research assistant in Rice University’s School of Architecture in Texas. A recent master’s degree recipient from the school, Li is authorized...

Northeastern University.

Int’l students must leave US if studies go entirely online this fall. Here are Boston colleges’ reopening plans so far

Yuriko Schumacher July 8, 2020

This story will be updated periodically. Last updated: July 7 International students cannot stay in the country this fall if their college or university operates entirely online, according to...

Students study in a classroom together.

Work visas could be delayed: Int’l students urged to apply now

Sharmila Kuthunur July 6, 2020

This story will be updated periodically. Last updated: July 6 At least one university is urging graduating international students to file for their work visa before Aug. 3 because the government...

A student studies near a laptop.

International students face extra challenges with online classes

Pavithra Rajesh July 6, 2020

Most college students across the U.S. experienced some form of virtual learning this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. International students who returned home after dorms closed faced an additional...

Vietnamese food.

Saigon street food in Boston: Not your typical Vietnamese meals

Ha Ta July 2, 2020

There’s an online food shop in Dorchester whose recipes come straight from the streets of Saigon, and they’re not selling phở.  Owner Cathy Phan of Viet Munchies cooks in her kitchen and...

People clink beer bottles.

Muslim students talk American college drinking culture

Luiza Loyo June 22, 2020

Before coming to the US, most international students get to know the American college life by watching American T.V. shows. If there is a constant thread we learned from those shows, it is that college...

Students supporting Joe Kennedy.

Opinion: Why international students should care more about US politics

Mihiro Shimano June 18, 2020

‘Have you registered to vote yet?’ has become a common question people pose to each other within the past few months as the general election is approaching. However, as an international student...

A church service online during the coronavirus pandemic.

Moving with the times, The Catholic Church embraces live streaming during COVID-19

Desirée Vignola May 21, 2020

Sitting on my deck in my small town in Massachusetts, I can hear birds chirping as a mother robin brings food to her baby chicks in one of my bushes -- and the voice of the priest from Baton Rouge, Louisiana,...

Two Tales of Moving Out During a Pandemic.

[Podcast] Two tales of moving out during a pandemic

Pirzan Turel May 20, 2020

Tale 1: From Boston University By Delong (Andy) Ye Sitting in a near-empty room with two large suitcases, I contemplated my decision to move off-campus. Boston University was closed for...

The line in the airport.

Chinese international students: Struggles to get home in a pandemic

Xiaoxi Ma May 15, 2020

The coronavirus epidemic sent thousands of Chinese students abroad scrambling to get home in March. Instead of a month spent attending classes, studying in the library and preparing for exams, they had...

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