[Video] Celebrating Chinese New Year away from home


Featured photo by Carl Ibale on Unsplash

Shiyun Li, Yushu Tian

If you’ve been to Chinatown recently, you might have noticed a variety of bright red and gold decorations adorning the streets. That is because tomorrow, Feb. 25, is Chinese New Year, one of several Lunar New Years celebrated throughout Asia. Most people would travel home for the holiday as it is considered the most important occasion of the year for family to gather. Many international students, however, usually don’t get a chance to go home and be with their family for the celebration.

Graduate student Yushu Tian visited Chinatown in Boston to record the spirit of Chinese New Year and to see how much people know about it. She also talked to Chinese students who can’t make it home for the holiday and what they do to celebrate it here in Boston.

Check out Yushu’s video below.

What is Chinese New Year?

Chinese people call the festival chunjie (春节), or Spring Festival. It marks the beginning of spring when people celebrate and pray for a fresh start for a year with good fortunes and good harvests for farmers. People are usually given a week long time off to visit their hometown and gather with family. This year, 2020, is the Year of the Rat, according to the Lunar calendar.