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波士顿唐人街双语路标落成 —— 华裔群体得到重视

Jiawen Xu and Xinyun (Jessie) Wang February 23, 2022

记者 许佳雯(Jiawen Xu) 王昕韫(Xinyun Jessie Wang) 波士顿唐人街双语路标的建成是一个温暖人心的故事。这是华裔移民社区多年来的努力结果,也体现了波士顿政府对移民群体的关怀。 二十多年来,唐人街居民直都在为建成双语路标而努力。王嘉接先生,唐人街居委会代表之一,来自中国广东,移民美国20多年,在波士顿唐人街社区居住了23年。王先生表示,波士顿唐人街双语路标项目的获批花费了很久的时间。 在2000年左右,华裔前进会(Chinese...

As of Feb. 2022, not all the street signs in Chinatown have a Chinese translation. Currently, only main streets have bilingual signs, with branch streets expected to see signs appear by summer. Photo: Jiawen Xu

Signs of moving forward: After decades of advocacy, bilingual street signs emerge in Chinatown

Jiawen Xu and Xinyun (Jessie) Wang February 22, 2022

The construction of bilingual street signs in Boston’s Chinatown is a heartwarming story; it is the result of many years of efforts by the Chinese immigrant community, with the support of the local government,...

A hungry lion takes the cabbage and oranges from the stool. Ceremoniously, restauranteurs and shopkeepers leave offerings on their front stoops during the lion dance parade. Photo: Sophia Paffenroth

Lunar New Year celebrations return to Boston’s Chinatown

Lex Weaver and Xiaoxi Ma February 14, 2022

Two years since the last public Lunar New Year celebration was held throughout Chinatown, festivities once again returned to the neighborhood, and so did an exuberant crowd of people, despite the snow. On...

Thessaloniki boardwalk during sunset. Photo: Isabella Heilbronn

Eat, Pray, Love… without praying or loving.

Isabella Heilbronn February 9, 2022

Most college freshmen share the common experience of getting dropped off at their university, getting accustomed to the school and the new atmosphere, checking out the dining halls and meeting new people...

Photo: Harshad Jadhav

What makes Squid Game popular around the world?

Harshad Jadhav January 27, 2022

Netflix is a platform for actors and directors from all over the world now. Squid Game, a popular Korean series, aired on Netflix on Sept. 17 and swiftly became the best-performing show for the popular...

Diwali at Northeastern. Photo: Sebastian Grace

Northeastern University celebrates Diwali

Sebastian Grace and Emma Casali November 12, 2021

Diwali, a religious festival associated with the coming of happiness and prosperity for all, illuminated Northeastern’s campus last Thursday night with good food, bright lights and community spirit. Over...

According to Britannica Encyclopedia, squashes are native to the New World, where they were cultivated by native peoples before European settlement.

Recipe: International Holiday Squash

Desirée Vignola-Hung November 11, 2021

This recipe is part of our  culinary series, The Global Kitchen, which features recipes from all over the world, provided by our own international reporters. Start to finish:  2 hours Servings: ...

TransAtlantic cooperation. Photo: Sebastian Grace

What do I find weird in America?

Sebastian Grace October 17, 2021

I’m from the U.K. I came to America because I wanted to explore for my university adventure. But I knew that it would be different: both from my own experience, having travelled here previously, and...

Great ethnic food? Got that. Capsule restaurant reviews for Boston

G.O. recommends: Authentic global cuisine in Boston

March 15, 2021

The staff of Global Observer likes to eat out as much as everyone else. Here are some capsule restaurant reviews from our reporters’ favorite restaurants in and around Boston. This list will be updated...

The kimchi pancake, also referred to as kimchi-jeon, is a traditional Korean folk dish and can be served as a snack, side dish, or appetizer.

[Recipe] Kimchi Pancake

Sunwoo Kim January 20, 2021

This recipe is part of our new culinary series, The Global Kitchen, which features recipes from all over the world, provided by our own international student reporters.   Start to finish:...

The new special assistant for the CAMD Deans office for diversity, equality and inclusion, Margarita Barrios Ponce, hopes to facilitate conversations about diversity and inclusion among students and departments.

Northeastern University takes another step forward on diversity, equality and inclusion

Desirée Vignola October 26, 2020

Design is not only used to create visual solutions, it could be also a tool to create experiential and social solutions. This is the vision of  the new special assistant for the CAMD Dean's office for...

The completed dish. Photo: Avantika Panda

[Recipe] Chicken Curry: A delicious Indian spice infused curry

Avantika Panda October 16, 2020
This dish is my comfort food as it reminds me of home. It’s delicious and flavorful, and you’ll be acknowledged as a true curry connoisseur if you can master this recipe.
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