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International students cook during the coronavirus pandemic.

[Video] International students adapt to life in quarantine with home cooking

Huilin Li May 24, 2020

How do you cope with being quarantined in this pandemic, sometimes by yourself, in a foreign country? Spoiler alert: You become more creative and experimental in home cooking! Huilin Li interviewed...

A church service online during the coronavirus pandemic.

Moving with the times, The Catholic Church embraces live streaming during COVID-19

Desirée Vignola May 21, 2020

Sitting on my deck in my small town in Massachusetts, I can hear birds chirping as a mother robin brings food to her baby chicks in one of my bushes -- and the voice of the priest from Baton Rouge, Louisiana,...

A delivery worker delivers food.

[Video] How a food delivery service adapts to COVID-19 demands

Huilin Li May 17, 2020

In a time when people are ordered to stay home and avoid gathering, food delivery services have seen higher demands and a fluctuating workforce as employees are taking days off to avoid being sick. Chowbus,...

Ugadi celebrations.

How an international student celebrates a family holiday away from home

Sharmila Kuthunur May 12, 2020

Every year, when the Ugadi festival—the Hindu New Year—rolls in, my family has celebrated it in the same way: my dad and brother take up the laborious task of decorating the house. Mom and I finish...

Never Have I Ever

‘Never Have I Ever’: It’s about an Indian-American girl and it’s funny. Get over it!

Pavithra Rajesh May 9, 2020

For years, minority cultures have dealt with a lack of their representation in the US media, or a negative portrayal of their history and identity. Recently, we've started to see some breakthrough in...

A mosque during Ramadan.

[Podcast] Abroad in America: How a Muslim family celebrates Ramadan during the pandemic

Suhra Nahib May 6, 2020

Ramadan is the month when Muslims across the world fast from sunrise till sundown. It’s typically a month of prayer, reflection and community where where families gather to pray at the mosques, to...

A Perreo artist.

Home is where the perreo is

Maria Aguirre April 27, 2020

Something amazing happened to reggaeton music lovers a few months ago. Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny, Latin trap and reggaeton icon, released his brand new album, "YHLQMDLG," at midnight on Feb....

Chicken Tikka Masala

My first chicken tikka masala, ever

Maria Aguirre April 4, 2020

I want to begin this piece with a confession: whenever someone asked me if I had tried Indian food, I was ashamed of answering with a big no. When one of my classmates found out about it, he instantly...

Semana Santa celebration.

Semana Santa: The sacred holiday of a devoted Spaniard

Beatriz Guerrero April 3, 2020

Growing up, my heritage has always been a bit hard to explain. I was born in Madrid, Spain like my mother, but was raised in Levittown, Puerto Rico, like my father. To my parents, our heritage was always...

A bouquet of flowers.

[Podcast] Abroad in America: Women’s History Month

Suhra Nahib March 26, 2020

Happy Women's History Month! Welcome back to Abroad in America. This month, we want to dedicate this podcast episode to all the women we love out there because it is Women's History Month. We...

A green hat and green accessories.

Why Chinese people don’t wear green hats on St. Patrick’s Day

Yushu Tian March 9, 2020

In Boston, everything turns green on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17. People drink green beer, green milkshakes and wear green clothes too.  This means that many people will celebrate the day by...

White Day

White Day in Asia – the gift that keeps on giving, literally

Mihiro Shimano February 25, 2020

With Valentine’s Day just passed, in the West, many women are still enjoying the chocolates and gifts they were given on the occasion . But in Japan and some other Asian countries, where the norm is...

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