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Caves in the Petra Archeological Site. The caves that pockmark the mountainsides, inhabited for millennia, are now mostly empty.

A Love Letter to the Desert

Maya Maroni, Contributor October 31, 2022

“You really love the desert?” Hadi asked quizzically, wrapping his head around the idea after I went on about the landscapes of Jordan, my childhood, once again. The greens of my summer in Lebanon...

Anna May Wong was a famous Chinese American movie star.

Legendary Actor Anna May Wong to Be First Asian American on Currency

Ruhan Ye, Co-Op October 24, 2022

Legendary Hollywood actor Anna May Wong is set to reappear in the public eye; this time on a quarter, and not the big screen, as the first Asian American to be represented on currency. As only the fifth...

 The Lebanese flag on a building during protests in the country’s capital, Beirut. CC: Charbel Karam.

Talk @ Northeastern – “Lebanon in Freefall: Government Corruption, Economic Collapse, and the Growing Demands on Civil Society”

Yingyi Chen, Co-Op October 18, 2022

As Lebanon struggles with a corrupt and paralyzed government, economic collapse, and the aftermath of the Beirut explosion, civil society is under pressure to demonstrate leadership in the face of unprecedented...

--- Photo from Twitter user @ianbremmer

Xi reaffirms China’s adherence to zero-Covid policy in congress, after rare protest in Beijing

Lausky Liu, Contributor October 17, 2022

The 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party opened on Sunday with an address delivered by Xi Jinping, the general secretary, summarizing the party’s achievements and new five-year agenda....

Xi meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, and Mongolian President Ukhnaa Khurelsukh in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, in September 2022.

Xi Jinping Expected to Break Precedent at Chinese National Congress

Morgan Gelfand, Contributor October 14, 2022

This Sunday, October 16, 2022, the National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party will meet in Beijing to elect the party’s top leaders for the next five-year term. Xi Jinping, China’s head of...

Data Visualisation Of Landmark Trial In China’s #MeToo Evolution Reaches Settlement, Chinese Newspapers Fail to Pay Attention

Landmark Trial In China’s #MeToo Evolution Reaches Settlement, Chinese Newspapers Fail to Pay Attention

Manyun Zou, Contributor October 13, 2022

Richard Liu Qiangdong, the founder of Chinese e-commerce giant, reached a settlement earlier this month with Liu Jingyao, a former student at the University of Minnesota who accused the billionaire...

A scene from the film “Return to Dust, the documentary causing controversy.

Film that documents China’s rural poverty removed from Chinese streaming platforms

Lausky Liu, Contributor October 7, 2022

A film about poverty in China’s rural areas was withdrawn from all Chinese online video streaming platforms, provoking debate about artistic freedom and how social outcasts are dealt with. The disappearance...

An interesting image from My Summer in Panama - Beautiful tropical vegetation.

My Summer In Panama

Yingyi Chen, Co-Op October 3, 2022

This photo essay was created by Global Observer Contributor Yingyi Chen about her summer trip to Panama, featuring reflections on her time traveling and reporting in the country and 13 photos of the people,...

Photo Courtesy: U.S. Mission Photo/Eric Bridiers

glimpse(China) — ‘Crimes against humanity,’ Chengdu lockdown, Xi’s third term & more

Lausky Liu, Contributor September 7, 2022

1. U.N. cites China’s possible humanity crimes The United Nations released a long-awaited report on Wednesday that accuses China of committing “crimes against humanity” in its mass detention of...

A building a Northeastern University lit up yellow and blue in support of Ukraine.

Photo by Emma Casali

How Northeastern University Responded to Students’ Concerns Surrounding the Conflict in Ukraine

May 24, 2022

Ukrainian students at Northeastern University have spent the past two months watching as their home cities are destroyed, their people are massacred and their families live in fear. Worried and anxious,...

Photo Courtesy: inmediahk/flickr

glimpse(China) — Weekly Roundup: Carrie Lam, AUKUS extension, China’s new listing policy and more

Lausky Liu, Contributor April 12, 2022

I. The deeply unpopular Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam, announced she would not seek a second term. Lam, who has served in government for 42 years, introduced the sweeping and draconian National...

The Story of Indigo and White Cloth — Exploring the Ancient Yunnan Art of Tie-dye

Yushu Tian March 23, 2022

Tie-dyeing, a technique for creating modern T-Shirt looks, is already well-known around the world. Thinking of rock ‘n’ roll and the hippy counterculture of the 1960s &1970s, nowadays, it has been...

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