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glimpse(China) — Weekly Roundup: China-Russia ally, National People’s Congress, WTA and more

Lausky Liu, Contributor March 7, 2022

I. China asked Russia not to invade Ukraine until after the Beijing Winter Olympics, U.S. officials said. The sources were obtained from a western intelligence report which indicated that Chinese officials...

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glimpse(China) — Weekly Roundup: China backs Russia, China Initiative, COVID origin and more

Lausky Liu, Contributor February 28, 2022

I. As Russia wreaked a "full-scale invasion" of Ukraine, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson asserted that the U.S. is “the culprit of current tensions surrounding Ukraine.” It is evident that China...

Ukrainian students in Boston protest Russian invasion

Xinyun (Jessie) Wang February 24, 2022

A handful of Ukrainian students living in Boston on Thursday protested the Russian invasion of Ukraine, by holding signs and asking for public support, on the Northeastern University campus. Artem Dinh,...

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glimpse(China) — Weekly Roundup: Eileen Gu, George Washington University, abortion blocking and more

Lausky Liu, Contributor February 15, 2022

I. Eileen Gu, an 18-year-old California-born freestyle skiing prodigy, dominated the news headlines in both Chinese and English media even before the Beijing Olympics started. The reason is apparent:...

Thessaloniki boardwalk during sunset. Photo: Isabella Heilbronn

Eat, Pray, Love… without praying or loving.

Isabella Heilbronn February 9, 2022

Most college freshmen share the common experience of getting dropped off at their university, getting accustomed to the school and the new atmosphere, checking out the dining halls and meeting new people...

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glimpse(China) — Weekly Roundup: Beijing Olympics, Peng Shuai, hurdles on reporting China and more

Lausky Liu, Contributor February 8, 2022

I. The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics was kicked off after two athletes, one with Uyghur heritage, delivered the flame to the Olympic cauldron. The moment was surprising and calculated, as China has long...

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glimpse(China) — Weekly Roundup: China’s birth rate plummets, Beijing Winter Olympics, hamsters in Hong Kong and more

Lausky Liu, Contributor January 25, 2022

I. China’s population growth is set to stagnate in the future, officials said. The country's birth rate plummeted to just 7.5 newborns per 1,000 people in 2021, the lowest it has been since 1949, according...

People walk by Stuart Cinema & Cafe in Brooklyn, NY, one of the locations screening a documentary on the 2019 Hong Kong protests.

Controversial documentary on Hong Kong protests airs in U.S.

Lausky Liu, Contributor December 17, 2021

A documentary about Hong Kong’s 2019 pro-democracy protests hit the big screen in multiple cities on Dec. 11, making the U.S. the first country to show the controversial film, after its debut in a few...

Peng Shuai at 2014 Qatar Open.

glimpse(China) — Weekly Roundup: WTA suspends games in China, new surveillance system targets journalists, Didi delists from NYSE and more

Lausky Liu, Contributor December 6, 2021

I. WTA stands its ground Women's Tennis Association (WTA) announced a decision to suspend tournaments in China, including Hong Kong, after the tennis star Peng Shuai disappeared from public view following...

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glimpse(China) — Weekly Roundup: China sees lowest birthrate in over 40 years, Taiwan is invited to U.S. democracy summit and more

Lausky Liu, Contributor November 30, 2021

I. China’s latest statistical yearbook reported its lowest birth rate since 1978, with 8.52 births per 1,000 people, the first time the figure has dropped below 10. The gender disparity is still severe...

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glimpse(China) — Weekly Roundup: Xi & Biden summit, citizens release, Xi consolidates power and more

Lausky Liu, Contributor November 22, 2021

I. Chinese leader Xi Jinping and President Biden held a virtual summit on Nov. 16, the first formal meeting since Biden became president. White House officials said to expect no deliverables, but a few...

The heart of the African area, Yuexiu District in Guangzhou. Photo by Anna Frodesiak/Wikimedia Commons

Africans targeted amid China’s draconian ‘zero-Covid’ mission

Lausky Liu November 16, 2021

China has been indulging in its “zero-COVID” mission since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, leading towns and cities to abrupt lockdowns despite rare numbers of positive cases. Africans living...

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