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glimpse(China) — Weekly Roundup: China sees lowest birthrate in over 40 years, Taiwan is invited to U.S. democracy summit and more

Lausky Liu, Contributor November 30, 2021

I. China’s latest statistical yearbook reported its lowest birth rate since 1978, with 8.52 births per 1,000 people, the first time the figure has dropped below 10. The gender disparity is still severe...

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glimpse(China) — Weekly Roundup: Xi & Biden summit, citizens release, Xi consolidates power and more

Lausky Liu, Contributor November 22, 2021

I. Chinese leader Xi Jinping and President Biden held a virtual summit on Nov. 16, the first formal meeting since Biden became president. White House officials said to expect no deliverables, but a few...

The heart of the African area, Yuexiu District in Guangzhou. Photo by Anna Frodesiak/Wikimedia Commons

Africans targeted amid China’s draconian ‘zero-Covid’ mission

Lausky Liu November 16, 2021

China has been indulging in its “zero-COVID” mission since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, leading towns and cities to abrupt lockdowns despite rare numbers of positive cases. Africans living...

Image shows books by Chinese President Xi Jinping. Photo courtesy: Akira/Unsplash

As Nobel celebrates journalists, China reiterates its news crackdown

Lausky Liu, Contributor October 13, 2021

On the same day that two journalists were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their dedicated efforts in pushing press freedoms under authoritarian governments and dictatorial leaders, China re-emphasized...

Aftercare for sex workers: A long-term struggle

Aftercare for sex workers: A long-term struggle

Kelly Garrity August 9, 2021

Years ago, the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement initiated a program to help victims of child trafficking. Though the survivors in the first cohort were no longer children, many were trafficked at such...

Local Thai NGO fights sex-trafficking of children

Local Thai NGO fights sex-trafficking of children

Mihiro Shimano July 1, 2021

When Boom Mosby first began the HUG Project in 2011, aimed at helping children who had been sex trafficked, she said it stood out: Few non-governmental organizations, or NGOs, specifically targeted anti-trafficking...

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Q&A: What is human trafficking?

Kelly Garrity June 28, 2021

What is human trafficking?   The legal definition of human trafficking varies among state, federal and international laws. But human trafficking is generally defined as any crime that involves...

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Allegations of sexual misconduct at Exodus Road

Matthew Carroll June 24, 2021

This is Part 2 of a multi-part series.  Sign up here to be alerted when new stories are posted: Part 1: Furor erupts over anti-sex trafficker Exodus Road Twenty years ago, Natasha Nelson was horrified...

Street scene in Thailand.
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Furor erupts over anti-sex trafficker Exodus Road

Matthew Carroll June 21, 2021

This is a multi-part series. Sign up here to be alerted when new stories are posted. The red flags started for Allison Weber even before she started work with Exodus Road. At a supper in Thailand with...

Tens of thousands of protesters waving US flags marched on Hong Kongs US Consulate to call for help from Trump. Featured Photo by Joseph Chan.

Hongkongers split over the US presidential election

Lausky Liu December 22, 2020

Hongkongers, especially those in Generation Z, are wondering -- and are worried -- about how the victory by President-elect Joe Biden will affect their future.  Young adults in Hong Kong believe...

The Colombian flag waves in the wind. In Colombia, police brutality is often ignored or misrepresented by the media.

Analysis: Colombia’s police brutality – an issue there too, despite the media’s narrative

Daniela Rincon December 21, 2020

While cases of police abuse in the U.S. have received national attention and sparked outrage around the world, cases in other countries, such as Colombia, get little traction in English language news...

As fears of coronavirus dim, night-life is getting back to normal in Chinas cities and towns.

[Picture Story] Nightlife getting back to normal in China

Yuqin Liu December 1, 2020

As fears of the coronavirus fade, the routines of normal life are returning to cities and towns in China -- not just in the big cities, like Beijing and Shanghai, but the smaller places too. Take...

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